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The ABEBA brand comprises several hundred lightweight special footwear models that are used wherever comfort, safety, lightness and full control are of utmost relevance. In the medical, hospitality and HoReCa sectors, as well as in the electrical industry, the company develops and manufactures solutions that provide protection, comfort and increase productivity.

Ansell is an Australian manufacturer and one of the world’s largest producers of protective gloves and condoms. The company is a leader in supplying the products and expertise that businesses need in a world of ever-changing safety regulations.

Berkshire is a pioneer in contamination control technology. The company focuses on all-encompassing protection solutions, delivering products that minimise and help control the risk of contamination in cleanrooms and other critical environments at every step of the process.

Bimos is the leading manufacturer of the best industrial and laboratory chairs in Europe. With expertise, technical competence and passion, the company ensures that people at every workplace are productive, healthy and happy to sit.

Bollé Safety is the world’s leading brand of PPE eyewear, offering specialised eyewear solutions for the specific needs of industrial, tactical, first responder, blue light, corrective, cleanroom and healthcare environments.

The BioClean brand is owned by Nitritex, part of Ansell’s life sciences business. Under the BioClean name, Ansell Nitritex offers the widest range of cleanroom gloves and disposable protective clothing on the market.

Contec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for cleaning mission-critical manufacturing environments. Contec wipers and mops are used in a variety of industries around the world.

Diversey is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions for the commercial cleaning, hospitality, retail, healthcare, beverage and food service markets. The company’s products include personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene, textile hygiene and dry cleaning products, paper products and dispensers, and cleaning carts/trolleys.

DuPont de Nemours is one of the world’s largest chemical companies. The company is present in the electronics, automotive, water and protection and industrial technologies sectors and sells products such as fibres, fabrics and nonwovens, personal protective equipment, packaging materials and water solutions under various own brands.

FG Clean Wipes is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom wipes, sterile IPA solutions, custom wipes and cleanroom paper. The company is part of the Filtration Group.

GVS Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filtration solutions for applications in healthcare, life sciences, energy and mobility, and health and safety in highly regulated environments.

Halyard provides clinical-grade solutions for sterilising drapes, face shields, gloves, protective clothing, surgical drapes and gowns, and distributes them in more than a hundred countries.

The Hartmann Group is an internationally active company and a leading European supplier of system solutions. Hartmann produces and distributes medical and care products.

The product range of the biotechnology company Isofield with its own production facility in Malaysia includes sterile PPE solutions, gloves, protective goggles and cleanroom clothing.

KCL is a brand of Honeywell International Inc. and one of the leading manufacturers of gloves of all kinds, including those for special environments. The range includes work gloves, chemical protection gloves, cold and heat protection gloves as well as cut and puncture protection gloves.

KEK is an efficient medium-sized company and operates on the German as well as the European market. KEK is a manufacturer of stainless steel furniture for laboratory, medical, clean room and catering equipment as well as for building services, kitchen equipment and much more.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygiene products and operates worldwide. The company offers hygiene products, wiping and cleaning solutions, dispensers and personal protective equipment, some under its own brand Kimtech®. Kimberly-Clark also has its own recycling programme.

Mapa Professional is a market leader in the design and manufacture of safety and protective gloves. The company is characterised by innovation, technically advanced products, efficient distribution and understanding of the needs of the end user.

Pfennig Reinigungstechnik is the partner for the production of cleaning systems for cleanrooms of all classifications, public and industrial buildings as well as for the healthcare sector. The company prefers to produce cleaning concepts based on its well thought-out modular construction system.

Redditch Medical manufactures detergents and sterilisation products for hospitals using its aseptic and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. The company produces sporicides, biocides, alcohols and detergent formulations that are available sterile and non-sterile.

Schürr is a leading manufacturer of occupational and safety footwear made in Germany with a long tradition. The manufactory offers, among other things, high-quality surgical shoes/clogs, orthopaedic insoles and cushioning systems, which are individually manufactured for their customers.

Showa is a fully integrated industrial glove manufacturer specialising in the production of protective gloves for household and industrial use. With 100% process control, the inventor of the nitrile glove ensures the quality and sustainability of its products.

Sika Footwear develops, manufactures and supplies occupational and safety footwear for a wide range of industries, users and requirements. The extensive range includes clogs, shoes and sandals, as well as boots and accessories.

Tiger-Vac is a leading manufacturer of portable vacuum systems for decontamination of controlled environments and hazardous locations. The company supplies to industries including: additive manufacturing, 3D printing, cleanroom, semiconductor, aerospace, fuel recovery, grinding and corrosion control.

UltraTape is a division of the Delphon brand and develops and distributes specialised cleanroom tape for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical and electronics industries. The brand specialises in the critical requirements of cleanroom tape in the cleanroom.

Univet is one of Europe’s leading brands in occupational safety eyewear. The company also develops custom-made magnification systems for surgical and dental applications, as well as industrial, medical and laser safety eyewear.

Veltek Associates, Inc (VAI) is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of cleanroom solutions related to contamination control. The company researches, develops, consults and distributes industry-leading solutions.

„With IAB’s brands, you are in the best position when it comes to cleanrooms - because you always find a clean solution.“

Our sterile SIMTEC cleanroom gloves guarantee the highest product quality. The newly developed fit of SIMTEC disposable gloves is particularly comfortable to wear and meets all your needs. It gives our disposable glove a high level of robustness and ensures a perfect grip - at all times!

The SIMSTAT® series differs from conventional ESD gloves by the so-called „sandwich fibre“. Due to its innovative structure, this is much more stable and durable than the coated polyamide fibre used in conventional ESD gloves.

In the event of a fibre breakage of the sandwich fibre, there is a significantly lower risk of a short circuit in a component due to only 2 contact possibilities.

The SimLite Nylon/PU glove is an extremely lightweight 18 gauge knitted assembly glove. It is very thin and therefore fits like a second skin, but is still robust. It is characterised by excellent wearing comfort and a perfect fit.

Its extremely light character makes it ideal for light assembly work.

SimCut is a cut-resistant, thin glove that is ideal as an under-glove. It features an elasticated cuff, seamless knit and high quality HPPE fibre.

This coating-free glove combines suppleness with cut protection and abrasion resistance like no other!

Han is the perfect glove for working with slippery and slippery objects. It is made of seamless, low-lint nylon. The coated areas provide better grip while the uncoated part is breathable.

It has a coloured cuff to distinguish sizes.

„May“ is a breathable ESD nylon glove with copper yarn and very high conductive properties. It has a breathable back, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

The surface resistance is 10³ Ohm.

The specially developed „Clean-Seal“ technology provides thermal sealing of the seams, eliminating weak spots in the seams. This provides additional barrier protection against particles and liquids. By wearing SimSafe coveralls, no additional sleeve protectors or aprons are needed during cytostatic manufacturing. When joining the carrier component and the protective component, our two-component material - developed for the SimSafe line - does completely without adhesives. Outgassing due to adhesives is thus avoided.

SimViz safety goggles are designed for use in sterile or clean rooms of controlled contamination. They are also used under aseptic conditions. Uses include the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries or hospital laboratories. SimViz can withstand several sterilisation cycles in a steriliser without any noticeable changes. The careful design allows for long wear and maximum breathability. It also allows a wide field of vision and can be used over all prescription glasses.

Our SimStep floor mats are designed to control contamination & eliminate particles, bacteria and static charge transferred through feet and wheels before they reach the critical area.

Strategic placement of SimStep improves safety and quality, lowers your costs and increases effectiveness.

Our „SimTack adhesive mats“ consist of 30 layers of self-adhesive PE film and reliably remove particles and fibres from shoe soles & rollers. Due to the fully adhesive underside, the dust binding mats adhere securely to the floor. If the top layer is soiled, it is simply peeled off.

SIMTACK adhesive mats (also called Tackymat) are designed for the transition from the grey room to the clean room.

With the Vipers brand, we offer a comprehensive range of wipes for every area and every application.

Quality is our top priority. Therefore, every sterile product is provided with a sterilisation certificate and every product is subjected to a strict incoming goods inspection.

Under the Vipers brand, we also offer an extensive range of disposable mops.

Quality is our top priority. For example, every sterile product receives a sterilisation certificate and every product is subjected to a precise incoming goods inspection.

Riverstone Resources was founded in 1989. The traditional company specialises in the manufacture of nitrile gloves, cleanroom gloves, healthcare gloves and finger cots. Over the years, the company has become the leading manufacturer of latex medical examination gloves and a global supplier of cleanroom and healthcare gloves.

Swabs are used to clean critical and hard-to-reach surfaces in production areas. They also play an important role in validating the cleaning process, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our selection includes swabs recommended for ISO classes 4 and 5.

Our sterile SimSorb work mats are used in the production of cytostatics due to their low-linting and absorbent properties. The work mat consists of 3 layers: The top layer is a PE film with openings for even distribution of the liquid, the middle layer is a latex-free airlaid paper for absorption and the bottom layer ensures maximum slip resistance of the mat and prevents contamination by spilled liquids.

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