Face masks/Respirators

Respiratory, oral and eye protection are essential protective equipment that provide a barrier against potentially harmful particles, germs and chemicals.

In work environments with a high risk of infection, such as healthcare, and in activities involving hazardous substances, such as the chemical industry, this protective equipment is essential to minimise the risk of injury and health hazards. Respirators provide effective filtration of airborne particles, including dust, smoke and microorganisms.

They are available in different protection classes, depending on the size of the particles and the type of hazard. Mouth masks, on the other hand, act as a barrier to the nose and mouth and are particularly important when dealing with respiratory infections.

In addition to respiratory and mouth protection, eye protection cannot be neglected. Eyes are extremely sensitive and susceptible to injury from flying particles, chemicals or other hazards. Protective eyewear or goggles provide effective coverage and ensure that eyes are protected from injury.