The use of sticky mats or adhesive mats has proven to be an ideal tool for cleaning shoe soles and wagon wheels in controlled areas and cleanrooms.

Whether in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical or food industry, adhesive mats are used as a sensible dust barrier and thus connect the gray room with the cleanroom.

You can choose between permanently adhesive dust binding mats or disposable adhesive film mats. In both models, the bond strength is set so that only dust and other particles stick.

In the case of the permanently tacky dust binding mat, clean the surface with a sponge and a soap solution, then dry it with a rubber spatula. With adhesive film mats, you can easily and effortlessly remove the soiled film with decreasing adhesive power. It is immediately the new slide available. Disposable cleanroom mats avoid time-consuming cleaning and are an inexpensive alternative to reusable mats.

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